21% of Fox News Viewers Trust Network Less After Texts Revealed in Dominion Lawsuit: Survey

March 17, 2023

But only 9% of Fox News viewers say they aren’t watching the network as much as they used to, per research provided exclusively to Variety Intelligence Platform by consumer insights specialists Maru Group. Moreover, more than half of Fox News viewers who said they were aware of the deposition and texts said they continue to trust Fox News — nearly double the percentage of the group that said they trust the network less. Just over half of Fox News viewers (52%) remain favorable toward the network’s primetime hosts, while 16% say their opinion has become less favorable. More data from this exclusive survey is available at Variety Intelligence Platform (subscription only), including:• What percentage of Fox News viewers heard of the lawsuit, the Murdoch deposition and the texts? • What percentage of viewers aware of the lawsuit believe the 2020 election was stolen?