A24’s ‘Civil War’ Movie Provokes Timing Debate Amid Some Fearing Actual Civil War

March 06, 2024

The upcoming release of A24’s Civil War during a contentious presidential election year comes amid worry about the prospect of an actual civil war — or, at least, real-life political violence — and has some questioning the movie’s timing. The film’s trailers suggest Civil War isn’t some obvious left-wing/right-wing polemic, given that Texas and California are allies in its fictional conflict. “The idea of another American civil war happening today actually keeps me up at night,” wrote one reader on an American Civil War subreddit. Last week, RuPaul drew headlines by declaring in a New Yorker profile that the U.S. is “moments away from fucking civil war. “The Civil War movie being released in April is not a ‘coincidence,'” wrote one self-described Trump supporter.