AI robots could play future role as companions in care homes

July 07, 2023

Humanoid robot 'Nadine' is pictured at AI for Good Global Summit in GenevaBy Emma FargeGENEVA (Reuters) - Nadine, a social robot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with human-like gestures and expressions, could have an important future role to play in tending to the sick and elderly, according to a professor who helped invent it. Global competition for nurses and carers is heating up, especially after COVID-19 and some countries are experiencing a staffing crisis in care homes which some think humanoid robots could one day ease. Demonstrating its conversational skills, Nadine told Reuters it talked, sang, and played bingo with residents at a Singapore nursing home three years ago. Last week, Nadine was upgraded with AI model GPT-3 and this has improved her interaction and conversation skills, Thalmann said, meaning it can express more complex concepts. Referring to Thalmann, Nadine said: "I'm very grateful to her for giving me life and I'm proud to be her creation."