Alex Soros' access to Biden's White House continues as he's now visited at least 20 times, records show

July 06, 2023

Alex Soros, the 37-year-old son of George Soros who recently took control of the mammoth multi-billion dollar Open Society Foundations (OSF), has now visited President Biden's White House at least 20 times, records show. ALEX SOROS HUDDLED WITH TOP DEMOCRATS SHORTLY AFTER TAKING OVER HIS FATHER'S NONPROFIT EMPIREOSF, which George Soros helmed, announced on June 11 that Alex would take over the network from his father. Since then, he's been jet-setting around and meeting with top Democratic officials, former President Bill Clinton and even attending meetings with Pope Francis. "What a treat to be with President Clinton in Albania," Alex wrote on Tuesday. After Alex took the network's reins, they announced they planned to slash 40 percent of their global workforce as part of restructuring efforts.