AMPTP Makes Counterproposal To WGA; Negotiations Recess But Will Resume Next Week

August 13, 2023

After their first day of bargaining since the Writers Guild went on strike May 2, the AMPTP and the WGA have recessed their negotiations until next week after the companies made a counterproposal to guild’s proposals. Here is the WGA’s message to members this evening:“Your Negotiating Committee received a counterproposal from the AMPTP today. “The Guild always has the right to communicate with our members and will do so when we think there is news you need to know. “We expect the AMPTP to provide responses to WGA proposals.”When a tentative agreement is eventually reached, it still would take about four days for the strike to officially end, with the contract’s approval by the governing bodies of the WGA West and WGA East and then ratification by their memberships. That’s how long it took to end the WGA’s last two strikes – in 1988 and 2007-08.