Amsterdam mega-brothel plans rile EU vaccines watchdog

March 08, 2023

The European Medicines Agency said it was "extremely concerned" about plans for a sex centre near its Amsterdam headquartersThe Hague (AFP) – It's survived the Covid pandemic but now the European Union's vaccines watchdog has a new worry: plans for a giant "erotic centre" near its Amsterdam headquarters. Advertising Read moreThe European Medicines Agency (EMA), which moved to the Dutch capital from London in 2019 due to Brexit, said Tuesday it was "extremely concerned" by the proposal by Amsterdam city council. Amsterdam wants to move legal prostitution outside the city centre's famed red light district over complaints from residents about crime and often rowdy behaviour. "The change of the location of the red light district is motivated by concerns of nuisance, drug-dealing, drunkenness and disorderly behaviour," it added. The planned erotic centre will have 100 spaces for sex workers, complete with areas for work breaks and other hospitality outlets, under the proposals by Amsterdam city council.