Ancient ‘AI selfies’ reveal what snaps by Jesus and other historical figures might have looked like

April 01, 2023

A MAN has used AI to imagine what famous historical figures would like if they could take SELFIES. Duncan Thomsen, 53, has recreated pictures from the Battle of Waterloo, the court of Cleopatra - and the Last Supper. 4 The Last Supper Selfie Credit: SWNS4 Cleopatra takes a selfie Credit: SWNSHe has also made snaps 'taken' by Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and soldiers at Agincourt. "I've done Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Jesus and many more." 4 Queen Elizabeth I selfie Credit: SWNS4 A selfie from the Battle of Waterloo Credit: SWNSWe pay for your stories!