As WW3 fears grow now Armenia and Azerbaijan are 'on brink of full-scale war'

February 15, 2024

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has warned Azerbaijan is planning a "full-scale war" as tensions between the two countries rise to a head. The two countries have traded accusations over a border skirmish that left at least four Armenian soldiers dead and another wounded. “Our analysis shows that Azerbaijan wants to launch military action in some parts of the border with the prospect of turning military escalation into a full-scale war against Armenia,” Pashinyan is reported to have said at a government meeting. Azerbaijan's State Border Service said it had fired on an Armenian post in retaliation for Armenian shelling of Azerbaijani positions that wounded one Azerbaijani service member the previous day. "Any provocations by the Armenian side aimed at escalating tensions along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border will now be met with even more serious and decisive measures," the State Border Service said in a statement.