Back Care Awareness Week: How the British Chiropractic Association is supporting the UK’s back health

October 02, 2023

What our report did show is that the UK public is investing its efforts into preventative care, with 60% using exercise to manage their back and joint pain. If you spend most of your day sitting down, make sure that you take regular breaks, ideally every 20-30 minutes. The BCA is raising awareness about the rigour, relevance and evidence driving the profession and the association’s ambition for chiropractic to be more closely embedded within mainstream healthcare. The BCA is the home for chiropractors who provide patient-centred, evidence-based care and offer full transparency to their patients. Through the Patient Charter BCA chiropractors provide reassurance to their patients and that they will empower them to make an informed decision about their treatment.

The source of this news is from British Chiropractic Association