Barefoot man found hanging inside subway tunnel under NYC's Grand Central Station

January 16, 2024

At New York's Grand Central Station, MTA workers were subjected to a terrifying sight after a man was found hanged inside one of the tunnelsThe body of a barefoot man was discovered in the subway tunnels beneath New York City's Grand Central Station. The man was discovered hanging from his neck by a wire, believed to have been found by subway workers carrying out routine inspections and work. Initial reports claim the man is suspected to have committed suicide, and no foul play has been detected so far, say officers. Click here to follow the Mirror US on Google News to stay up to date with all the latest news, sports, and entertainment storiesImage: Getty Images) Getty Images)"The decision to actually take one's life, to act on a sense of despair, often takes place in a 10-minute time frame. Image: Getty Images) Getty Images)Grand Central is a sprawling station, and is 111 years old.