Beheadings, crucifixions and heads on spikes: Inside Saudi Arabia's 'relentless killing spree' of medieval-style executions - including 81 in one day - that has seen record numbers put to death under

March 03, 2024

What crimes can you get the death penalty for in Saudi Arabia? Within these categories, judges in Saudi Arabia retain wide-ranging powers to determine what behaviour may constitute a criminal offence and its resulting punishment, including the death penalty. 'In August alone, Saudi Arabia executed an average of 4 people per week, including one Pakistani man who was executed for drug smuggling. Reprieve Director Maya Foa said it was 'terrifying' to think that executions were 'business as usual' in Mohammed bin Salman's Saudi Arabia. 'His endless empty promises of reform are contradicted by the facts: it has been yet another year of bloodshed in Saudi Arabia.

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