Biden draws first red line in debt ceiling negotiations with one law as untouchable

May 11, 2023

President Joe Biden is drawing a line in the sand that he will not cross as debt ceiling negotiations continue, indicating to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and other Republican leaders that changes to the Inflation Reduction Act are off the table. SENATE LEADERS PLAY DEBT CEILING BLAME GAME WHILE AIDES NEGOTIATE BEHIND THE SCENESNow, Biden is making it clear to House Republicans that debating the law's future is not going to further debt ceiling negotiations, according to CNN. Biden said the signature bill was not going to be a part of negotiations when he sat down with McCarthy and other congressional leaders on Tuesday. Staff for the White House and congressional leadership are set to meet again Thursday before the leaders return to the White House on Friday. Biden heads to Japan for the G-7 summit that day as well.