Biden Overall Approval at 40%, Key Issue Ratings Lackluster

March 31, 2023

Biden’s overall job approval rating has not exceeded 44% since August 2021, during his first year in office. ###Embeddable###Democrats’ Approval Ratings of Biden Remain StrongBiden has consistently had overall job approval ratings of 78% or higher among Democrats, including the latest, 87%, while his ratings among Republicans have been below 8% since August 2021, including 3% in the current poll. ###Embeddable###Low approval of Biden on the economy from both Democrats and independents explains his particularly poor performance on that issue relative to his overall job score. His overall approval rating has remained steady at the same level since September, and his ratings on the economy and foreign affairs are weak. Explore President Biden's approval ratings and compare them with those of past presidents in the Gallup Presidential Job Approval Center.