Body language experts reveal ‘dominant’ Putin’s hidden messages in rambling interview with ‘fawning’ Tucker Carlson

February 09, 2024

VLADIMIR Putin emerged "dominant" and "at ease" in the face of a "fawning and gullible" Tucker Carlson during their much-hyped interview, a body language expert said. Tucker Carlson was an audience of one that was gullible, if not fawning, in his approach to Vladimir Putin." He noted that Putin was easily able to "define the terms of the agreement, dominate attention and wear down Carlson". Dissecting his body language, Stewart said that Putin showed off his "relaxed" state by immediately taking off his watch and setting it on the table between himself and Carlson. Tucker Carlson risks becoming ‘Putin’s mouthpiece’ in upcoming interview says James RodgersEven when Carlson pursued tougher topics, Stewart analysed how Putin navigated them with purposeful dodge tactics - using humour and laughter to avoid answering.