Bougie burger: Philly’s Drury Beer Garden slings $700 hamburger

May 22, 2023

A Philadelphia restaurant that opened on Friday is serving hamburgers with a $700 price tag. The delicacy — on the menu at the DBG, the Drury Beer Garden and dubbed the “Gold Standard” — is made of A5 Wagyu beef, caviar, truffle, lobster flambeed with Louis XIII cognac, gold leaf and Wexford aged Irish cheddar. It’s accompanying fries are drizzled with rare and potent 1500+ Manuka Honey, produced from the nectar of the mānuka tree that is native to New Zealand. The honey can cost up to the not-so-sweet price of $816 online. DBG’s expensive entrée is also served with a 1-ounce side of Louis XIII cognac, which is aged a minimum of 40 years and produced in limited quantities by Remy Martin.