Brazil to release millions of anti-dengue mosquitoes as death toll from outbreak mounts

March 15, 2024

“Our strategies are old and heavily focused on vector control,” said Ethel Maciel, the secretary for health surveillance at the health ministry. View image in fullscreen A member of staff at the World Mosquito Program releases Wolbachia mosquitoes in Niterói. They also monitor the implementation of the Wolbachia method in targeted areas by diagnosing Aedes aegypti eggs collected in the field. The low cost, self-sustaining nature and proven efficacy of the Wolbachia method appeals to city authorities, according to Luciano Moreira, a Fiocruz researcher who leads the WMP in Brazil. “Our projections show that within 10 years, we will be able to protect around 70 million Brazilians across various cities,” said Moreira.