Burnout detector reveals which people will likely hit the wall

February 16, 2024

Burnout is characterized by symptoms such as mental fatigue, a lack of enthusiasm for work, difficulty concentrating, and uncharacteristic overreactions in the workplace. This tool, known as the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT), has been tested in a study involving 500 Norwegian workers, offering promising results for its effectiveness in detecting early signs of the condition. Unlike previous methods, which lacked the detail necessary for both practical and research applications, BAT provides a comprehensive measure of burnout risk factors. Currently, there is no international standard for assessing burnout, making the development of BAT a significant step forward. The BAT tool, which has proven effective regardless of gender and aims to be culturally independent, offers a preliminary online version for individuals to assess their risk of burnout.

The source of this news is from https://studyfinds.org/workplace-burnout-tool/