Chick-Fil-A goes woke! Famously conservative fast food chain tests $7 VEGAN sandwich

February 19, 2023

Fast food lovers are deeply divided over Chick-fil-A's launch of a new cauliflower sandwich, with some welcoming the addition, while others reacted in horror to the 77-year-old chain 'going woke'. The $7 sandwich - contains no meat, but is not considered fully vegetarian 'due to its cooking environment,' Chick-fil-A said. The company is yet to respond to's question as to whether it was cooked in the same oil as their chicken. 'The Cauliflower Sandwich is plant-forward, as it places a tender filet from a whole cauliflower at the centerpiece of the entrée,' the company said. 'Wow-Christian company @Chick-fil-A gone woke too,' said one.