Chilling mystery behind America's ski town 'Suicide Belt'

January 15, 2024

Experts note transient mountain lifestyles and a lack of services as the causeA disturbing number of suicides are sweeping America's party-obsessed ski towns, raising the alarm over why so many residents in vacation hotspots are taking their own lives. The region, notably New Mexico, Colorado and Montana, has earned the nickname 'Suicide Belt', with towns designed for a vacation away from the city becoming epicenters of the crisis. For many, ski towns in the Rockies offer a week-long escape from the city. She argued that there is a distortion between the reality of living in a ski town and vacationing there, any living in a vacation hotspot 24/7 is hardly a constant paradise. It snows nine months a year, no big deal.’ But the cold days and the dark days start adding up.'

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