China detains a military group worker suspected of spying for the CIA

August 11, 2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — China has detained a worker from a military industrial group on suspicion of spying for the CIA, national security authorities said Friday, adding to the list of public accusations of espionage between Beijing and Washington. The Ministry of State Security, the country’s civilian spy agency, said in a statement that a military industrial worker surnamed Zeng had been providing military secrets to the CIA in exchange for large sums of money. There, he met “an official with the U.S. embassy,” who later turned out to be a CIA agent, the ministry claimed. “Having finished overseas study, Zeng returned to China and continued to have multiple secret meetings with the CIA agents and provided a great amount of key intelligence and collected funds for spying,” the ministry said. Last week, the U.S. arrested two U.S. Navy sailors on accusations of providing military secrets to China.