Chiropractic care and research priorities for the pediatric population: a cross-sectional survey of Quebec chiropractors - Chiropractic & Manual Therapies

September 29, 2023

As illustrated in a previous publication on this descriptive cross-sectional study, Quebec chiropractors commonly provide pediatric care but do not exclusively treat pediatric populations [2]. Common therapeutic objectives of the respondents in this study were to improve function (47.3%) and improve quality of life (16.7%). If chiropractors were to provide wider public and preventative health advice to patients, future research on the matter would be recommended. Research prioritiesThis is the first Canadian study identifying research priorities for chiropractic pediatric care from the clinician perspective. In comparison, it was previously shown that Canadian chiropractic organizations had identified priorities in the area of health services, such as the integration of chiropractic care into multidisciplinary settings, the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care and the effect of chiropractic care on reducing medical services [21].

The source of this news is from BioMed Central