Chris Christie Taunts Trump as ‘Coward’ for Ducking GOP Debates: ‘Say it to My Face’

July 12, 2023

Chris Christie smacked back at Donald Trump’s Truth Social posts, mocking the ex-president as “the king of keyboard warriors” and calling him a coward for avoiding the debate stage. Page 2: Sloppy Chris Christie is thrashing about, doing and saying anything to stay relevant. They knew him well – CHRIS CHRISTIE IS A TOTAL LOSER!”Christie shrugged off Trump’s attacks with his own tweet telling Trump to put up or shut up. Donny, you got so much to say, why don’t you say it directly to my face on the debate stage? — Chris Christie (@GovChristie) July 12, 2023For months, Trump has said he plans to skip the first GOP debate, and Christie has taunted him about it before.