'Color Purple' and Oscar's Musical Curse

January 16, 2024

But — at least when it comes to its Hollywood awards hopes —the new movie musical version of The Color Purple hasn’t been embraced as enthusiastically. The Color Purple mysteriously was missing, but the former president quickly rectified that the next day with a post on X that read, “Update: I just saw The Color Purple and loved it. “Barrino, amazingly, has her first major-movie role in The Color Purple, and she commands the frame as if it were made to order. (To add insult to oversight, the best picture winner that year was the clunky The Greatest Show on Earth, now universally considered one of the worst best picture winners.) (Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)Still, The Color Purple could beat the musical curse and elbow its way into best picture contention because Bazawule really pulls out all the stops, adopting a hybrid approach to the movie’s musical moments.