Creditors demand Rudy Giuliani sell his $3.5 million Florida condo to pay debts

March 18, 2024

Creditors want to force Rudy Giuliani to sell his $3.5 million Florida condo to help pay his significant debts, according to a court document filed on Friday. In response to Friday's filing, Giuliani's counsel said the request to sell the Florida condo is "extremely premature." For example, Giuliani spends tens of thousands of dollars a month to maintain his Florida condo. However, the document said, Giuliani spends "approximately 20-30% of his time in Florida" and therefore creditors claimed the $3.5 million condo must be sold. "It is merely a matter of when, not if, the Debtor will have to sell the Florida Condo in order to distribute the proceeds thereof to creditors," the filing said.