‘Deliberately Cruel’: Staffers Torch ‘Sociopath’ Jimmy Finkelstein Over Messenger Implosion

February 04, 2024

The Daily Beast spoke with a dozen insiders and now-former employees about the final tumultuous days of The Messenger and the aftermath of its implosion. After the bloodbath, one Messenger insider told The Daily Beast that “Finkelstein made sure the process was deliberately cruel to the staff.” Many staffers agreed with that notion. Though Wakeford has at least engaged with furious employees publicly, expressing regret over the “devastating” demise of The Messenger, Finkelstein remains silent. In fact, he has yet to issue a public comment about the class-action complaint filed on behalf of terminated Messenger employees on Thursday evening. “But the thing is, people like Jimmy don't even know, like, what the cost of a milk carton is right?