Democrat insiders say it is now 'PANIC TIME' and party should DUMP Joe Biden, 81, at its summer convention with Gavin Newsom 'waiting in the wings' after Justice Department said president had 'diminis

February 10, 2024

Democrat insiders say it is now 'panic time' after a blockbuster Justice Department report concluded Joe Biden has 'diminished faculties' and is an 'elderly man with a poor memory'. Biden should not be our standard bearer,' a former senior Democrat White House official, who worked with Biden, told Democrats who think Biden should be the nominee face challenges because some deadlines for registering on state ballots have already passed. A recent Daily Mail poll found 60 percent of Americans think Biden should not run again. A Democrat member of Congress told NBC the Justice Department report was a 'nightmare' and the party was now in a 'grim situation'.