Don Lemon Calls Elon Musk Most ‘Sensitive and Touchy’ Person He’s Ever Interviewed

March 18, 2024

Former CNN host Don Lemon called Elon Musk the most “sensitive and touchy” person he’s ever interviewed following their tense sit-down to kick off Lemon’s new show. Lemon debuted his interview with Musk on Monday after having teased some of the testy exchanges with Musk and claiming Musk ended a partnership between Lemon and X, formerly Twitter, following the chat. In an interview with People, published Sunday, promoting his new show, Lemon called Musk more “sensitive and touchy” than anyone he’s talked to. I’ve interviewed many world leaders, presidents to convicts, and no one has been more sensitive or touchy than Elon Musk,” Lemon said. “Well, he could have, but I think it just went right over his head.”The Don Lemon Show episode 1: Elon Musk TIMESTAMPS:(02:23) News on X(10:07) Donald Trump and Endorsing a Candidate(13:04) The New Tesla Roadster(16:46) Relaxation and Video Games(17:54) Tweeting and Drug Use(23:19) The Great Replacement Theory(30:03) Content Moderation… — Don Lemon (@donlemon) March 18, 2024Watch the full Don Lemon Show debut above via X.