Donald Trump indicted: Judge denies motion to allow cameras in courtroom

June 13, 2023

Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman denied a motion by various media companies to allow cameras inside the federal courthouse in Miami, Florida, for former President Donald Trump's arraignment on Tuesday. The late Monday filing by Goodman denied the argument by the media companies that the court appearance by Trump is a "special proceeding" and therefore regular rules on recording would be followed. DOCKWORKER TALKS THREATEN BIDEN WITH ANOTHER TOUGH DECISION BETWEEN LABOR AND ECONOMY"The 'special proceedings' term referenced in the Local Rule is analogized to a proceeding akin to a naturalization proceeding," Goodman wrote in the filing. In addition to the motion for the Tuesday hearing, Goodman denied the motion to allow any photography in further court proceedings, arguing that he would "follow the 'stay in your lane' philosophy" and not rule on procedures for later court appearances. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINERGoodman told the media outlets to refile their motion on further court proceedings to Judge Aileen Cannon, who will oversee the case.