Donald Trump JOKES about charges in first speech since historic indictment

June 11, 2023

In a speech to Republican supporters, Trump made a funny voice as he joked about the "espionage" accusations and imitated the Democrat administration claiming Trump is "obstructioning... obstructing" justice. It alleges Trump kept classified documents in the bathroom and shower at his Florida estate, as well as various other locations that included a ballroom, storeroom, office and bedroom. Image: Getty Images) Getty Images)Trump cast his indictment by the Department of Justice as an attempt to hurt his chances of returning to the White House as he campaigns for a second term in office. Image: Getty Images) Getty Images)For all that, Trump can expect a hero's welcome this weekend as he rallies his fiercest partisans and aims to cement his status as his party's leading presidential candidate. The federal charging document alleges that Trump not only intentionally possessed classified documents but also boastfully showed them off to visitors and aides.