Donald Trump kicks out protestor who called him a 'dictator' as he says 'get him out'

January 22, 2024

READ MORE: Donald Trump launches baffling rant about 'Democrats, communists and fascists'Image: Getty Images) Getty Images)"I don't mind being 80 but I'm 77. Image: Getty Images) Getty Images)"Almost every politician from South Carolina is endorsing me," Trump declared. "If you do that and you win by a big margin here, we'll finish the job in South Carolina," said Murrell Smith, the speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Image: Getty Images) Getty Images)During another campaign event, Trump launched a baffling rant claiming he's being indicted by 'Democrats, communists, Marxists, and fascists' in New York. Image: Getty Images) Getty Images)Trump further took to Truth Social yesterday morning to remind people that there's a "BIG REALLY TONIGHT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE."