Donald Trump's lawyers have been paid $36 MILLION of small donors' cash to fight his indictments

August 07, 2023

Hotshot lawyers helping Donald Trump fight three indictments have pocketed a cool $36 million in campaign donations to try and keep the former president out of prison. The lawyers for the former president have lined their pockets from small donations to Trump's Save America political action committee to the tune of almost $40million since 2021. No one has profited more from defending Trump in court than Christopher Kise, who has pocketed $5.8million. His law firm also received about $2.8 million and lawyers at a firm Kise is now partner got another $2.9million. Evan Corcoran, a former prosecutor, has made $3.4million defending Trump in the Mar-a-Lago case and his indictments over the January 6 riots.