Eating late increases hunger, decreases calories burned, and changes fat tissue - Chiropractic + Naturopathic Doctor

March 02, 2024

“Previous research by us and others had shown that late eating is associated with increased obesity risk, increased body fat, and impaired weight loss success. Results revealed that eating later had profound effects on hunger and appetite-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin, which influence our drive to eat. Specifically, levels of the hormone leptin, which signals satiety, were decreased across the 24 hours in the late eating condition compared to the early eating conditions. Notably, these findings convey converging physiological and molecular mechanisms underlying the correlation between late eating and increased obesity risk. Late isocaloric eating increases hunger, decreases energy expenditure, and modifies metabolic pathways in adults with overweight and obesity.

The source of this news is from chiropractic naturopathic doctor