Elon Musk’s Firing Spree Comes Back to Haunt Twitter

July 08, 2023

After taking the helm at , Elon Musk proceeded to clean house by ousting several executives and roughly half of its employees. Less than a year later, the move has resulted in millions in legal fees and may have helped Meta create a competing text-based social media platform. Twitter, in a cease-and-desist sent to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, accused the company of hiring dozens of former employees to create a “copycat” app. In a letter threatening to sue, Twitter said it has “serious concerns” that Meta stole trade secrets by selectively hiring former employees. Additionally, Twitter warned Meta that it’s barred scraping any of its “followers or following data.”Notably, several lawsuits from former employees claim that Twitter failed to pay them severance on their way out.