Emmys TV Review: Anthony Anderson Solid As Host; Nostalgia-Heavy Ceremony Contains Few Surprises, Little Politics

January 16, 2024

RELATED: Emmys Wins By Program & NetworkOf the latter, I get how no one wants to scratch that scab right now – too soon. Succession creator Jesse Armstrong and the cast and crew onstage Monday Getty ImagesThe TV Academy’s 75 touchstone TV moments had the potential to touch on the major political events of the last near-century as captured on camera. RELATED: Anthony Anderson Pays Tribute To Classic TV In Emmy’s Opening Musical NumberCounterprogramming on all the cable newsers, the deep-freezing GOP Iowa caucuses quickly a blowout for Donald Trump. Anderson was very much Anthony Anderson, and that gave the show an identity it might have lacked otherwise. As Succession, The Bear and Beef cleaned up, there was only the scale of the win to be determined.