‘Ennio’ Review: Long and Loving Ennio Morricone Documentary Suggests Late Composer Is Worthy of Comparison to Mozart and Bach

February 08, 2024

I suppose there’s a more interesting film to be made about the great composer Ennio Morricone, but watching Giuseppe Tornatore’s loving and comprehensive “Ennio” makes it almost impossible to care. And yet, do you really not want to see Clint Eastwood deadpanning that Morricone’s music “helped dramatize me, which is really hard to do”? Tornatore is happy to do the one thing that most of Morricone’s directors never wanted to do: make a movie that exists in perfect service to its composer. Morricone is happy to offer a matter-of-fact history of his personal accomplishments, even though Tornatore delegates most of the plaudits to his other talking heads. Grade: BMusic Box Films will release “Ennio” in theaters on Friday, February 9.