Erdogan's rival boosted by withdrawal, poll lead ahead of Turkey vote

May 12, 2023

The findings in the Konda poll were largely in line with some other surveys that put Kilicdaroglu ahead. Story continuesInce, who had 2.2% support in the Konda poll, said he had been the target of a smear campaign. DOWN TO THE WIRESeckin Yetkin, a 28-year-old dogwalker in Istanbul, said he will now vote for Kilicdaroglu instead of Ince, adding he wanted to avoid a run-off vote. The Konda survey put support for the fourth presidential candidate, Sinan Ogan, at 4.8%. The Konda survey put support for Erdogan's ruling alliance on 44.0% in the parliamentary vote, ahead of the main opposition alliance on 39.9%.