EXCL: Harvard scientists say UFO that crashed into ocean in 2014 appears 'artificial in origin'

July 06, 2023

Harvard team now has more evidence 'IM1' came from outside our solar systemTiny metal fragments recovered from an interstellar object that crashed into the Pacific Ocean appear 'artificial in origin', scientists say. The 50 iron spheres recovered from the Pacific (above) were analyzed at Berkeley in a lab. The control regions served as a control to make sure more iron spheres spheres had not found their way onto the ocean floor via some event unrelated to IM1's fall to Earth. Siraj told DailyMail.com that he is even more optimistic about the potential success with their second hunt for physical evidence from an interstellar object. The Galileo Project will 'hopefully' be dredging up samples from this second interstellar object, he said, 'within the next couple of years.'