Families of Mexico kidnapping victims Latavia McGee & Shaeed Woodard speak out after two Americans found dead

March 08, 2023

THE heartbroken families of two American citizens who were kidnapped have broken their silence in the wake of the tragedy. Cousins Latavia McGee and Shaeed Woodard, who was killed in a shootout, were among four Americans believed to be mistaken for Haitian drug smugglers by Mexican cartels. Woodward had joined McGee on the trip to Mexico from South Carolina on March 1, along with friends Eric James Williams, who was injured in the attack, and Zindell Brown, who was killed. McGee, who survived the kidnapping, was making the trip for a tummy tuck procedure, her mother Barbara Burgess, 54, told ABC News. Woodard and Brown are undergoing autopsies in Mexico before they will be returned to the US.