Fani Willis and her office can stay on Trump Georgia 2020 election case if Nathan Wade steps aside, judge rules

March 15, 2024

Alternatively, [special assistant district attorney] Wade can withdraw, allowing the district attorney, the defendants, and the public to move forward without his presence or remuneration distracting from and potentially compromising the merits of this case." Trump attorney's responseSteve Sadow, Trump's attorney, pledged in a statement to use "all legal options available" to dismiss the case. "An outsider could reasonably think that the district attorney is not exercising her independent professional judgment totally free of any compromising influences. The judge found that while he was not able to "conclusively establish" when Wade and Willis' relationship turned romantic, "an odor of mendacity remains." Still, the judge said her speech was "legally improper" and "creates dangerous waters for the District Attorney to wade further into.