'Flash mob' of thieves steal upto $100k worth of merch from Canoga Park Nordstrom

August 14, 2023

On Twitter, LAPD police said: "Today at around 4 p.m., a mob of criminals stole items from the Topanga Mall with an estimated loss of $60,000 to $100,000. To those who live in the area and patronize the Topanga Mall it is a loss of feeling safe. Image: @shannonsharpeee) @shannonsharpeee)In the normally peaceful and busy Topanga Mall, located in Canoga Park in California, shoppers were sent running for safety when the group invaded the store. According to officials a "'flash mob' burglary involve a large, coordinated group of individuals simultaneously rushing into the store, overwhelming staff, and taking it over." They traced it back to a group of women that had two vehicles full of merchandise from different stores.