Florida citrus capital was top destination for US movers last year

March 14, 2024

Almost all the growth in Polk County — 88% — consisted of people moving from another part of the U.S. rather than from abroad, according to the 2023 population estimates. With more than 62,000 acres of citrus groves, Polk County is one of the leading producers of oranges in Florida. Despite that, Polk County has held onto its citrus heritage. But many of the citrus growers there who sold their land to subdivision builders have just moved to the southern part of the county, where citrus groves are still plentiful, said Joyner, CEO of Florida Citrus Mutual, a growers’ advocacy group. New residents to Polk County have something picturesque to see if they drive around the county’s groves right now — white flowers on citrus trees and a sweet aroma in the air.