Former Bolsonaro minister arrested over Brazil riot

January 15, 2023

Advertising Read moreAnderson Torres, Bolsonaro's last justice minister, was arrested when he arrived in the capital Brasilia from the United States, where both he and his former boss were at the time of the riot. The new justice minister Flavio Dino said Friday that authorities would give his predecessor until Monday to return to Brazil, or face extradition. Bolsonaro came under investigation Friday at the request of the office of the prosecutor general (PGR), which cited a video Bolsonaro had posted "questioning the regularity of the 2022 presidential elections." By doing so, "Bolsonaro would have publicly incited the commission of a crime," the PGR said in a statement. The Bolsonaro video was posted online two days after the violent storming of the presidency, Congress and Supreme Court but later deleted.