Fox News’ Brit Hume Lavishes Biden With Praise: ‘One of the Best, If Not the Best, Speeches of His Presidency’

October 20, 2023

Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume praised President Joe Biden’s address to the nation on Thursday, calling it “one of the best, if not the best, speeches of his presidency.”Asked by Fox News host Bret Baier for his thoughts on Biden’s speech — where Biden made the case for more financial aid to be sent to Israel and Ukraine — Hume said, “I think it may be remembered as one of the best, if not the best, speeches of his presidency. And I think that he was hampered a little bit in that effort by the fact that he dare not really mention the best reason— I mean, he mentioned broadly speaking the best reason for sticking with it in Ukraine, which is, “What would the rest of the world and its evildoers think if we pulled out of there?” because that comes on the heels of his having pulled out of Afghanistan, which arguably emboldened all of our adversaries around the world, particularly Vladimir Putin. Hume also praised Biden for his remarks about Iran, before concluding, “On two important counts, I think he did remarkably well and was quite strong, quite firm.”Watch above via Fox News. Have a tip we should know?