French First Lady loses lawsuit after being accused of secretly undergoing gender reassignment surgery

March 15, 2023

Brigitte Macron, First Lady of France, lodged a case in 2021 against two women who uploaded a YouTube video entitled “Brigitte Macron is a man.” The video in question proclaimed that Brigitte underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 18. ZeroHedge reported that Brigitte’s complaint about the video and the two women had been voided by a judge in Paris. The report, originally published by French newspaper Le Point, stated: “In its decision, consulted by AFP, the court declared void the summons issued by Brigitte Macron for invasion of privacy and image rights, considering that the facts she denounced should have been qualified [under] public defamation.”One of the women who made the YouTube video identified herself as a “medium,” while the second woman noted that she was an “independent journalist,” according to the report. Unless she tries to drop the case as soon as possible and not go any further.”It has been reported that the rumors about Brigitte were ignited by far-right political groups leading up to the 2022 election in France. The wild claims made against Brigitte have not been substantiated.