George Carlin Estate Sues Creators of AI-Generated Comedy Special in Key Lawsuit Over Stars’ Likenesses

January 27, 2024

George Carlin’s estate is suing over the release of a comedy special that uses generative artificial intelligence to mimic the deceased comedian’s voice and style of humor. In the special, an AI-generated George Carlin, imitating the comedian’s signature style and cadence, narrates commentary over images created by AI and tackles modern topics such as the prevalence of reality TV, streaming services and AI itself. According to the complaint, the special was created through unauthorized use of Carlin’s copyrighted works. George Carlin’s estate also claims violations of right of publicity laws for use of Carlin’s name and likeness. It points to promotion of the special as an AI-generated George Carlin installment, where the deceased comedian was “resurrected” with the use of AI tools.