Georgia lawmakers eye allowing criminal charges against school librarians over sexual content of books

February 21, 2024

A proposal that would require school libraries to notify parents of every book their child checks out was advanced by Georgia state senators Tuesday, while a proposal to subject school librarians to criminal charges for distributing material containing obscenity waits in the wings. Parental notification in focusThe state Senate Education and Youth Committee voted 5-4 Tuesday to advance Senate Bill 365 to the full Senate for more debate. Books' sexual content a subject of controversyThe proposal to make school librarians subject to criminal penalties if they violate state obscenity laws, Senate Bill 154, is even more controversial. Dolezal argues that school librarians should be subject to such penalties, although he offered an amendment Tuesday that makes librarians subject to penalties only if they "knowingly" give out such material. He said his real aim is to drive any such material out of school libraries.