Germany's former top neo-Nazi hunter now being monitored as extremist

February 02, 2024

Hans-Georg Maassen, who until five years ago was responsible for protecting Germany against violent and extremist threats to its democracy, is himself now being monitored by the security agency he ran, the bureaucrat-turned-politician said. Asked about the surveillance of Maassen, the BfV said privacy law meant it could not comment on individual cases. AdvertisementMaassen's post-BfV career as a far-right icon has been a growing embarrassment to Germany's security services as they contend with a burgeoning far-right scene that is profiting from a lackluster economy and stretched public services. As BfV chief, he was in effect Germany's chief hunter of neo-Nazis. "The right-wing extremist Bernhard Schraub, in a letter to Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss, described your client as an 'upstanding republican'," the BfV's first example reads.

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