Golfer, 76, arrested for manslaughter for punching an 87-year-old man over a fender bender at a Florida country club: Cops identified suspect from a seven-month-old photo of him celebrating a hole-in-

August 07, 2023

Robert Edward Moore Jr., 76, was arrested for the June 28 incident - which happened at the Glenview County Club and left Dean William Zook, 87, dead. A man who once hit a hole-in-one at a Florida country club has been charged with beating a senior to death - in another facility's parking lot after a fender bender. They arrived at the 126-year-old club to find Zook and his wife still in the parking lot, with Moore Jr. already gone. The detective wrote how they zeroed in on Moore Jr. - who wore the same clothes seen in the Village-News photo as the day of the attack. Moore Jr. was released later that day after posting a $30,000 bond.