Guardian Angels Rough Up Man During Live Hannity Interview: ‘Our Guys Have Just Taken Down One of the Migrant Guys’

February 07, 2024

Curtis Sliwa’s Guardian Angels were caught on camera roughing up a man during a live interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity about New York’s ongoing migrant crisis on Tuesday. During the interview, which showed Sliwa surrounded by members of his Guardian Angels anti-crime organization, one of the Guardian Angels could be seen running off-camera. “They’ve taken over!”After Hannity requested that the camera be turned to face the action, the Guardian Angels could be seen surrounding a man, with one of them shoving him. Later on in the show, Sliwa and the Guardian Angels returned to give Hannity their account of what took place. “The Guardian Angels spotted him, stopped him, he resisted, and let’s just say we gave him a little pain compliance.