Harvard scientist Avi Loeb claims he may have uncovered proof of alien life and will reveal it next month - saying we should WELCOME the news

August 08, 2023

An alien-hunting Harvard astrophysicist has said his research that may prove the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life will be published in the next month. Professor Avi Loeb is leading an analysis of recovered fragments of the IM1 meteor that disintegrated in January 2014 over the Pacific off Manus Island, about 260 miles from Papua New Guinea. 'So there is a chance, I wouldn't quantify it, that it is different from a rock,' the scientist added. Loeb said that if the analysis shows signs that IM1 was engineered, it could offer evidence on extraterrestrial life. 'If it's something like the Voyager spacecraft colliding with the planet, that would appear as a meteor,' Loeb noted.